Scott Lawrence avatar Scott Lawrence committed e41996a Merge

pull back fixes from 3.4.0-beta7

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 62b07aa81b1957897c3846292bb9412977b0af6c 3.3.4-beta6
 d02759655d6b36d60f4a927e4bfce82844a82ef5 3.4.0-release
 baa627938dbb7956f45e1eebef11ffe9e7f2e5bc 3.4.1-beta1
+ceed0b65a69f1eac20d523e0203320a32f9a3f3c DRTVWR-215
+733ceac77583874f3626ef7a15c105b83ef0f5bb 3.4.0-beta7


+	mPreviousRotation(),
-	if (new_rot != getRotation()
-		|| new_angv != old_angv)
-	{
-		if (new_angv != old_angv)
+	if ((new_rot != getRotation())
+		|| (new_angv != old_angv))
+	{
+		if (new_rot != mPreviousRotation)
+		{
+			resetRot();
+		}
+		else if (new_angv != old_angv)
 			if (flagUsePhysics() || new_angv.isExactlyZero())
+		// Remember the last rotation value
+		mPreviousRotation = new_rot;
 		// Set the rotation of the object followed by adjusting for the accumulated angular velocity (llSetTargetOmega)
 		setRotation(new_rot * mAngularVelocityRot);
 		setChanged(ROTATED | SILHOUETTE);


 	F32				mTimeDilation;				// Time dilation sent with the object.
 	F32				mRotTime;					// Amount (in seconds) that object has rotated according to angular velocity (llSetTargetOmega)
 	LLQuaternion	mAngularVelocityRot;		// accumulated rotation from the angular velocity computations
+	LLQuaternion	mPreviousRotation;
 	LLVOJointInfo*  mJointInfo;
 	U8				mState;	// legacy
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