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remove new search in favor of moving to a project viewer

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-    <key>SearchURLBeta</key>
-    <map>
-      <key>Comment</key>
-      <string>URL for Search website, displayed in the Find floater</string>
-      <key>Persist</key>
-      <integer>0</integer>
-      <key>Type</key>
-      <string>String</string>
-      <key>Value</key>
-      <string>[CATEGORY]/?q=[QUERY]&amp;p=[AUTH_TOKEN]&amp;r=[MATURITY]&amp;lang=[LANGUAGE]&amp;g=[GODLIKE]&amp;sid=[SESSION_ID]&amp;rid=[REGION_ID]&amp;pid=[PARCEL_ID]&amp;channel=[CHANNEL]&amp;version=[VERSION]&amp;major=[VERSION_MAJOR]&amp;minor=[VERSION_MINOR]&amp;patch=[VERSION_PATCH]&amp;build=[VERSION_BUILD]</string>
-    </map>


 #include "llui.h"
 #include "llviewercontrol.h"
 #include "llweb.h"
-#include "llversioninfo.h"
 // support secondlife:///app/search/{CATEGORY}/{QUERY} SLapps
 class LLSearchHandler : public LLCommandHandler
 	// get the search URL and expand all of the substitutions
 	// (also adds things like [LANGUAGE], [VERSION], [OS], etc.)
-	std::string url;
-	if (LLVersionInfo::getChannel().find("Beta") != std::string::npos)
-	{
-		url = gSavedSettings.getString("SearchURLBeta");
-	}
-	else
-	{
-		url = gSavedSettings.getString("SearchURL");
-	}
+	std::string url = gSavedSettings.getString("SearchURL");
 	url = LLWeb::expandURLSubstitutions(url, subs);
 	// and load the URL in the web view
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