nat_linden avatar nat_linden committed ead7c92

CHOP-753: have to cast pointer passed to GetProcessMemoryInfo().
GetProcessMemoryInfo() is prototyped with PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS*, so to
accept PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS_EX* as documented, have to cast.

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 	pmem.cb = sizeof(pmem);
-	GetProcessMemoryInfo(GetCurrentProcess(), &pmem, sizeof(pmem));
+	// GetProcessMemoryInfo() is documented to accept either
+	// using the redundant size info to distinguish. But its prototype
+	// specifically accepts PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS*, and since this is a
+	// classic-C API, PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS_EX isn't a subclass. Cast the
+	// pointer.
+	GetProcessMemoryInfo(GetCurrentProcess(), PPROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS(&pmem), sizeof(pmem));
 	stats.add("Page Fault Count",              pmem.PageFaultCount);
 	stats.add("PeakWorkingSetSize KB",         pmem.PeakWorkingSetSize/1024);
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