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 LLCurlThread* LLCurl::sCurlThread = NULL ;
 LLMutex* LLCurl::sHandleMutexp = NULL ;
 S32      LLCurl::sTotalHandles = 0 ;
+bool     LLCurl::sNotQuitting = true;
 void check_curl_code(CURLcode code)
 	for_each(mStrings.begin(), mStrings.end(), DeletePointerArray());
+	if (mResponder && LLCurl::sNotQuitting) //aborted
+	{	
+		std::string reason("Request timeout, aborted.") ;
+		mResponder->completedRaw(408, //HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT, timeout, abort
+			reason, mChannels, mOutput);		
+	}
+	mResponder = NULL;
 void LLCurl::Easy::resetState()
 void LLCurl::cleanupClass()
+	sNotQuitting = false; //set quitting
 	//shut down curl thread


 	static LLMutex* sHandleMutexp ;
 	static S32      sTotalHandles ;
+	static bool     sNotQuitting;
 class LLCurl::Easy
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