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STORM-1554 FIXED Fixed typo in a gesture name.

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 		mInventoryItemsDict["Female - Wow"]				= LLTrans::getString("Female - Wow");
-		mInventoryItemsDict["/bow"]						= LLTrans::getString("/bow");
+		mInventoryItemsDict["/bow1"]					= LLTrans::getString("/bow1");
 		mInventoryItemsDict["/clap"]					= LLTrans::getString("/clap");
 		mInventoryItemsDict["/count"]					= LLTrans::getString("/count");
 		mInventoryItemsDict["/extinguish"]				= LLTrans::getString("/extinguish");


   <string name="Female - Stick tougue out">Female - Stick tougue out</string>
   <string name="Female - Wow">Female - Wow</string>
-  <string name="/bow">/bow</string>
+  <string name="/bow1">/bow1</string>
   <string name="/clap">/clap</string>
   <string name="/count">/count</string>
   <string name="/extinguish">/extinguish</string>
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