Baker Linden avatar Baker Linden committed f7a9c3a

- Fixed an issue where group list wouldn't fall back to UDP if the region doesn't support the new GroupMemberData capabaility
- Fixed a potential null pointer crash.

Thanks to Ansariel from Firestorm for these!

Reviewer: Myself

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 	LLViewerRegion* currentRegion = gAgent.getRegion();
+	// Thank you FS:Ansariel!
+	if(!currentRegion)
+	{
+		LL_WARNS("GrpMgr") << "Agent does not have a current region. Uh-oh!" << LL_ENDL;
+		return;
+	}
 	// Check to make sure we have our capabilities
 	// Get our capability
 	std::string cap_url =  currentRegion->getCapability("GroupMemberData");
+	// Thank you FS:Ansariel!
+	if(cap_url.empty())
+	{
+		LL_INFOS("GrpMgr") << "Region has no GroupMemberData capability.  Falling back to UDP fetch." << LL_ENDL;
+		sendGroupMembersRequest(group_id);
+		return;
+	}
 	// Post to our service.  Add a body containing the group_id.
 	LLSD body = LLSD::emptyMap();
 	body["group_id"]	= group_id;
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