Undefined offset: 66

Issue #12 resolved
Benny Nissen created an issue

I also have this problem now as seen in https://bitbucket.org/simon_massey/thinbus-php/issues/6/biginteger-undefined-offset

Have been using the library for a long time on a CentOS server with many different PHP versions including version 7.1 - no problems

Now I moved the code to an Ubuntu 16.04 server with PHP version 7.0.18 and got the problem. I upgraded to version 7.1.11 with the same problem?

I get a lot of warnings like this during login: PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 66 in /var/www/html/lib/srp6a/BigInteger.php on line 3578

It is a trim function.

In the end the script terminates because it exceed the maximum execution time

NB: Also a single line with: Undefined offset: 6

Any suggestions about how to fix this?

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  1. simon repo owner

    On issue #6 you said that this problem was because bcmath was not installed on your system. Closing as resolved.

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