Sokoban Comparison Tool

A visual comparison tool that is used to compare sets of Sokoban puzzles generated by the the 'Sokoban Generation'-library via a User Study.


This tool is part of the Master Thesis 'Generating Sokoban Levels that are Interesting to Play using Simulation' of Simon Karman at the Utrecht University for the Masters Programme: Game and Media Technology.

This tool is created in Unity and written in C#. The tool can be used to compare two sets of Sokoban Puzzles. The puzzle sets can be generated using the 'Sokoban Generation'-library which can be found here.


  • Install Unity Editor Version: 2018.1.0b4
  • Extract project to a local directory on your filesystem
  • Open the local directory with the Unity Editor


Take a look at the 'Examples'-directory for example input and output of this application.

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