A small application to create Word report from a BCF file.

The application can be downloaded here.

Don't hesitate to use the code for any of your BIM projects.




Load your BCF file

Click on the ... button and select a BCF 1.0 file.

Load your template

In order to have a nicely formated template for your report, you have to load a Word Document Template. You can add anything in this template, like a front page, or a header. You can also specify paragraph styles you will use in your report. To do so, write a few lines in your template, apply desired styles, then delete them. This will insure than the paragraph styles are properly loaded in the template before you use it.
Once your *.dot file is properly set up, click on the ... button and load it.

Select your styles

Once the template is loaded, the BCF Reader will propose you to assign a style to a specific part of your report.

Save your report

After selecting styles, you can save your report as a *.docx file.


If you want more information about the BCF Reader, you can check this post and this one.


The BCF Reader is licensed under the MIT license.