Time Stamper - README

Enable revision control for your Revit elements.

App Description:

Keep track and manage the origin and authoring date of every Revit element.

By adding some revision information on every element of a given Revit model, Time Stamper allows you to keep track of your model's history. With all the information, you can:

  • Keep track of the origin and authoring date of each element in complex project
  • Quickly compare two versions of a Revit file and graphically display their differences
  • Create view filters for every linked Revit files
  • Create a schedule of all linked models, along with their authoring date and origin
  • Export these information in IFC, and get them on your favorite project review software.

Set up

This plug-in is developed with the free Visual Studio Community. There is no installer provided, but you can build the solution using C#.

This solution is based on the great Visual Studio Revit Template by Jeremy Tammik.

Additional Information

For more information about the inner working of Time Stamper, please visit Model TimeStamp.

Known Issues

This plug-in will not work with group, and every group must be ungrouped before running the application.

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