Added for compat with NDB project

#16 Merged at 2628f06
  1. Jakob Holmelund

Comments are now correct. and added BlobProperty.

Comments (4)

  1. Thomas Johansson

    Glancing over this, it looks like you've simply copy-pasted a lot of the previous classes, with a bunch of docstrings not having been updated.

    Is there any reason you have not subclassed where it seems like it would be appropriate? If so, at the very least update docstrings to fit.

  2. Jakob Holmelund author

    I have now fixed the docstrings, and yes. As i said, it doesnt support all fields yet, as some of them would be very hard to implement, if you see any obvious fixes, could you maybe point them out so i can fix ?

  3. James Crasta

    Is this branch being actively developed? It looks to me like there's a lot of cleanup required in the code to make it fit the documentation and style requirements, but given we've had a half dozen tickets submitted to our issue tracker against this branch, it indicates that there's a number of people using it.

    I'd prefer it if someone was willing to clean this up, but if nobody is, I may still merge it anyway due to the number of people asking for it.

  4. Jakob Holmelund author

    Sadly i haven't had the time to clean this up. And for our purposes it works as it should, and i don't think i have time for it in the foreseeable future.

    Maybe it will help spark interest if it was merged.