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  1. malthe

Added new validator NonNull which simply checks that there is a non-null raw value.

Comments (2)

  1. James Crasta

    The validator seems a bit odd, why would it check that raw_data is not None, instead of data? It seems a bit of a weird thing to check, that'd only check that there's no form data, because when there's any form data at all, raw_data is a list or tuple, and therefore not None.

    Also, since null is a SQL concept and not a python concept the validator belongs in ext/sqlalchemy/validators.py instead of the core validators.py, or it should be renamed to NotNone perhaps (though a bit weird then)

  2. malthe author

    I have renamed the validator to NotNone and moved it into ext/sqlalchemy.

    Note that it has to check raw_data because if there is "any form data at all" then it's okay. We just need to be compatible with the nullable constraint.