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Issue #39 resolved

Write more topical guides …

Stefan Scherfke
created an issue

… and release them also as blog posts on planet python to gain more visibility. :-)

Comments (4)

  1. Nicholas Roth

    I was going back and cleaning up some of my projects I've worked on. I factored out an event broker component that was extended from the broadcast pipe: simpy-event-broker. If interested, I could clean it up a bit more. Not sure if you are looking for application examples, or possibly some re-usable components. If the latter, would you rather see them integrated into simpy or built out as a separate python module and hosted on pypi?

    It was built to support the creation of this sensor acquisition/tracking model.

  2. luensdorf

    Hi Nicholas,

    I like to see external python packages first. We can link to external packages in our documentation. After a module has proven itself in real world usage for a while, we can talk about integration into simpy.

    Cheers and thanks for your work, Ontje

  3. Stefan Scherfke reporter

    Hi Nicholas,

    this looks indeed nice, but I agree with Ontje that it would be a better idea to release it independently of simpy. We would then add a list of SimPy extensions to our documentation and point to your project.

    Cheers, Stefan

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