Environment.simulate() instead of Environment.run() in the Getting Started tutorial

Issue #43 resolved
Luca Cerone
created an issue

There is a small typo in the Basic Concepts page. (https://simpy.readthedocs.org/en/latest/simpy_intro/basic_concepts.html)

After showing an example the text says:

Finally, we start the simulation by calling meth:Environment.simulate() and passing the environment as well as an end time to it.

meth:Environment.simulate() should be meth:Environment.run()

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  1. Luca Cerone reporter

    Hi Stefan, thanks for the quick fix, though it still doesn't link correctly to the method. It is missing a ":" before meth and, reading the rest of the documentation a ~ before the class.

    I think it should be corrected as: :meth:~Environment.run() (if you prefer me to fork and commit just let me know)

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