Issue #55 resolved
Barry Wardell created an issue

We should officially support Windows as a platform for SimulationTools. Most things are totally platform independent and just work. The things which are blocking a Windows release are:

  • There is no h5mma binary for Windows, so reading HDF5 data is not supported.
  • The filenames produced by Cactus simulations are not supported on Windows systems (see this ticket for details)
  • We haven't run the unit tests on Windows.

Currently the following tutorials have issues with some or all of the examples:

  • Importing Data (HDF5)
  • Simulation Information (SimulationOverview)
  • Grid functions
  • Grid structure (ReadTimeRange)
  • Plotting
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Black Hole

Otherwise, the examples in the tutorials have been tested and are fully functional.

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  1. Barry Wardell reporter

    I managed to compile h5mma on Windows. What I had to do was:

    • Install Visual Studio 2012 Express
    • Install the HDF5 1.8.11 binary for Visual Studio
    • Fix some compile issues (see h5mma commit 729ab8aec4b044cf1f8cf86d9993e1aa82f88ffe)
    • Create a Visual Studio project for h5mma
    • Add the MathLink and HDF5 library and include paths to the Visual Studio project.
    • Compile

    This produced a 32-bit binary which I was able to put in a Windows subdirectory of the h5mma package.

  2. Barry Wardell reporter

    We now provide an h5mma binary for Windows, so the only known remaining issue on Windows is the filenames produced by Cactus.

  3. Ian Hinder

    Cactus now produces Windows-friendly filenames, and I believe SimulationTools supports them. Can this ticket be closed? Do the tests pass on Windows?

  4. Barry Wardell reporter

    It's not even possible to checkout all of the Data repository on Windows due to the lack of support for ':' in filenames, so all tests that involve reading files with a colon in their name fail.

  5. Ian Hinder

    This issue is no longer up-to-date, I believe, as we now have an h5mma binary for windows, and the tests were run for the last release. The development version also now supports the new Cactus filename scheme, which makes it possible to use (new) Cactus output on Windows. Can this ticket just be closed?

  6. Ian Hinder

    Ah, wrote before reading. Sorry. The Data repository would need to be updated to use hyphen filenames so that the test data can be checked out, and the tests run. Were the tests not run before?

  7. Barry Wardell reporter

    We never supported Windows before because of the Cactus filename issue. I expect that once we recreate the test data with a new release of the Einstein Toolkit, then most/all of the tests should pass and we can close this issue at that point.

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