Steve Streeting committed 0570e0a

Fixed bug #66 ( - When using the BWSelectableToolbar in a sheet, the 2nd view and others were not positioned correctly. The problem was that the stored window frame sizes are calculated in IB where there is a title bar. I use the difference between the stored value and the actual value for the first view to adjust for this at run time.

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 	[self setDelegate:self];
 	[self setItemSelectors];
+	if (!inIB && [[[self editableToolbar] _window] isSheet])
+	{
+		// When using the toolbar in a sheet, the stored window sizes will be 
+		// incorrect because they include the title bar
+		NSMutableDictionary *tempWSBI = [[[helper windowSizesByIdentifier] mutableCopy] autorelease];	
+		NSSize storedSz = [[tempWSBI objectForKey:[helper selectedIdentifier]] sizeValue];
+		NSSize actualSz = [[[self editableToolbar] _window] frame].size;
+		CGFloat heightDiff = storedSz.height - actualSz.height;
+		for (NSString* identifier in [tempWSBI allKeys])
+		{
+			NSSize sz = [[tempWSBI objectForKey:identifier] sizeValue];
+			sz.height -= heightDiff;
+			[tempWSBI setObject:[NSValue valueWithSize:sz] forKey:identifier];
+		}
+		[helper setWindowSizesByIdentifier:tempWSBI];
+	}
 	if ([helper selectedIdentifier] != nil && [helper contentViewsByIdentifier].count != 0)
 		// When the actual app is ran or an item is added or removed from the toolbar in IB, we need to select the previously stored identifier
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