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Support starting up the selectable toolbar with a non-default item

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 	// For the IB inspector
 	int selectedIndex;
 	BOOL isPreferencesToolbar;
+	// SJS 
+	NSString* itemToSelectOnLoad;
 // Call one of these methods to set the active tab. 


 	// When the window launches, we want to select the toolbar item that was previously selected.
 	// So we have to find the toolbar index for our saved selected identifier.
 	int toolbarIndex;
-	if ([helper selectedIdentifier] != nil)
+	if (itemToSelectOnLoad)
+	{
+		// Necessary to allow starting up the window with a tab selected
+		toolbarIndex = [itemIdentifiers indexOfObject:itemToSelectOnLoad];
+		itemToSelectOnLoad = nil;
+	}
+	else if ([helper selectedIdentifier] != nil)
 		toolbarIndex = [itemIdentifiers indexOfObject:[helper selectedIdentifier]];
 		toolbarIndex = [self toolbarIndexFromSelectableIndex:0];
 	if ([helper selectedIdentifier] != nil && [helper contentViewsByIdentifier].count != 0)
 		// When the actual app is ran or an item is added or removed from the toolbar in IB, we need to select the previously stored identifier
 	if (validIdentifier)
 		[self switchToItemAtIndex:[itemIdentifiers indexOfObject:itemIdentifier] animate:NO];
+	else if ([itemIdentifiers count] == 0)
+	{
+		// not initialised yet
+		itemToSelectOnLoad = itemIdentifier;
+	}
 - (void)setEnabled:(BOOL)flag forIdentifier:(NSString *)itemIdentifier
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