Respect user patch eol settings

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  1. oliverzy

The hgattic extension is used by SourceTree do not respect mercurial patch eol settings. It will cause trouble when developing on both Mac and Windows.

Comments (2)

  1. Steve Streeting repo owner

    Thanks for the patch.

    However, this assumes that you transfer the contents of your attic between platforms. That's not usually recommended; if you want to transfer between machines you can use the regular 'create patch' feature (Repository > Create Patch) or use a shared fork.

    Usually, SourceTree avoids user settings like this because they can cause unpredictable behaviour. Since the attic is really supposed to be local to a machine, I do not wish to make the behaviour less predictable just to support this unusual edge case, especially since there's another way to go about it.

    1. oliverzy author

      Hi Steve,

      I agree hgattic should be local, it really is.

      hgattic is basically a different implementation than Mercurial Queue but serve a similar purpose: save local changes/patches somewhere and I can easily apply or unapply.

      Mercurial Queue will respect this mercurial use setting and TortoiseHg shelf function will also respect this setting. That's why I think hgattic should respect this one as well. Since it is just a user setting, user can turn on/off either in their user configuration or in their repository configuration, I don't think it will cause unpredictable behaviour.

      On the contrary, current behavior is not consistent, since I turn on this setting, but it doesn't take effect, just make me think it's a SourceTree bug