David Rogers  committed 162d173

This test really just needed the namespace added to fix its build.

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File Tests/VisualTests/Context/src/TestContext.cpp

 #include "OgreConfigFile.h"
 #include "OgrePlatform.h"
-#include "OgreCommon.h"
 #ifdef WIN32
 #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
     binOpt["-o"] = "NONE";      // path to output a summary file to (default: don't output a file)
     // parse
-    findCommandLineOpts(argc, argv, unOpt, binOpt);
+    Ogre::findCommandLineOpts(argc, argv, unOpt, binOpt);
     mReferenceSet = unOpt["-r"];
     mTestSetName = binOpt["-ts"];