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<title>OGRE Manual v1.8 ('Byatis'): 3.3.5 Particle Affectors</title>

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<h3 class="subsection"> 3.3.5 Particle Affectors </h3>

<p>Particle affectors modify particles over their lifetime. They are classified by 'type' e.g. 'LinearForce' affectors apply a force to all particles, whilst 'ColourFader' affectors alter the colour of particles in flight. New affectors can be added to Ogre by creating plugins. You add an affector to a system by nesting another section within it, headed with the keyword 'affector' followed by the name of the type of affector (case sensitive). Ogre currently supports 'LinearForce' and 'ColourFader' affectors.<br><br>

</p><p>Particle affectors actually have no universal attributes; they are all specific to the type of affector.<br><br>

</p><p>See also: <a href="manual_40.html#SEC234">Standard Particle Affectors</a>, <a href="manual_34.html#SEC186">Particle Scripts</a>, <a href="manual_36.html#SEC208">Particle Emitters</a>

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