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Import __all__ lists, so that Flask-WTF can refer to them

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File wtforms/

 from wtforms.form import Form
 from wtforms.validators import ValidationError
+from wtforms.fields import __all__ as fields_all
+from wtforms.widgets import __all__ as widgets_all
+__all__ = fields_all + widgets_all
 __version__ = '0.6.4dev'

File wtforms/fields/

 from wtforms.fields.core import *
+from wtforms.fields.core import __all__
 # Compatibility imports
 from wtforms.fields.core import Label, Field, _unset_value, SelectFieldBase, Flags

File wtforms/widgets/

 from wtforms.widgets.core import *
+from wtforms.widgets.core import __all__
 # Compatibility imports
 from wtforms.widgets.core import html_params, Input, HTMLString