marchael committed 6b4f5e5

fixed issue with destroying items. Revisions don't deleted from all revisions index Fixes #33.

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             with AsyncWriter(self.index_object.latest_revisions_index) as async_writer:
-        # XXX must be deleted from all_revisions_index also
+        with self.index_object.all_revisions_index.searcher() as all_revs_searcher:
+            doc_numbers = list(all_revs_searcher.document_numbers(uuid=metas[UUID],
+                                                                  name_exact=metas[NAME],
+                                                                  wikiname=self.wikiname
+                                                                 ))
+        if doc_numbers:
+            with AsyncWriter(self.index_object.all_revisions_index) as async_writer:
+                for doc_number in doc_numbers:
+                    async_writer.delete_document(doc_number)
     def add_rev(self, uuid, revno, rev):
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