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-Working with indexes
-For correct script working you should set ``index_dir`` and ``index_dir_tmp`` values in
-your wiki config.
-For example::
-      index_dir = "/home/marchael/moin-2.0/wiki/index/"
-      index_dir_tmp = "/home/marchael/moin-2.0/wiki/tmp_build/"
-**Note:** Paths MUST BE absolute
-Rebuiling indexes at runtime
-For large wiki(s) rebuilding indexes may take several hours
-and all this time wiki will be unreachable for using.
-But you may use following sequence for building indexes while moin is working:
- * Build indexes in another directory
- * Stop moin
- * Replace currently used index directory by the new index directory
- * Update indexes if needed
- * Run moin
-You may use following commands in virtual env::
-   moin index --for both --action build   # build indexes in index_dir_tmp
-   # TODO: insert a command here to stop your moin
-   moin index --for both --action update  # update indexes
-   moin index --for both --action move    # move indexes index_dir_tmp to 
-                                          # current index_dir
-   # TODO: insert a command here to start your moin
-**Note:** If you don't want to rebuild\update both indexes you can use
-``--for all-revs`` or ``--for latest-revs``.
-For cleaning both indexes in ``index_dir`` you may try::
-   moin index --for both --action clean