unclean merge, bad state of code in repo

Issue #7 resolved
Thomas Waldmann
created an issue

it looks to me like you did at least one unclean merge of main repo.

that means that you did not really merge stuff together, but you lost code changes that were present in main repo while merging.

{{{ ~/w/moin-2.0-clean$ diff -ruN moin-2.0-main/MoinMoin/ moin-2.0-ui/MoinMoin/ }}}

See the big blocks of lines with -prefix there - that stuff got lost. Also, there are quite some other changes you lost.

This needs a complete review to make sure you do not lose stuff we already had and also to avoid merging troubles when we try to merge your stuff back into main repo.

Merging back your stuff into main repo is currently blocked by that bad state in your repo, thus setting priority "blocker".

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