Steve Borho  committed 14239d4

fileview: use internal SCN_INDICATORCLICK signal if indicatorClicked not found

This allows tip of stable to work on Ubuntu 11.04

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File tortoisehg/hgqt/

             self.sci.setIndicatorDrawUnder(True, self._forceviewindicator)
                 QColor('blue'), self._forceviewindicator)
-            self.sci.indicatorClicked.connect(self.forceDisplayFile)
+            if hasattr(self.sci, 'indicatorClicked'):
+                self.sci.indicatorClicked.connect(self.forceDisplayFile)
+            else:
+                # for older QScintilla versions, we do not care the arguments
+                # are different
+                self.sci.SCN_INDICATORCLICK.connect(self.forceDisplayFile)
     def forceDisplayFile(self):
         if self.changes is not None: