EnumToggleButtons rows and columns

Issue #104 resolved
Alwin Lam created an issue

The EnumToggleButtons works great, but when I have too many Enum values, the button size of each button becomes too small to make out what it says. It would be great if I could define how many columns or rows I want to restrict the Toggle Buttons to by passing an int parameter.I know there is the option of using a regular flags dropdown box which I'm using now, but just a suggestion to improve the EnumToggleButtons, since having like 2 rows does look better sometimes. (Example in screenshot)

http://www.sharkbombs.com/2015/02/17/unity-editor-enum-flags-as-toggle-buttons/ What I'm describing is similar to Jesse Busch's comment to NickCellini's comment here.

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  1. Alwin Lam reporter

    Might be nicer to have control over the column number so it follows like more of a grid, but yup the automatic thing is pretty cool and looks great, looking forward to it!

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