error CS1679: Invalid extern alias for -reference

Issue #112 resolved
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Odin doesn't start working in the Inspector.

In a clean project everything is good, but with our current project, something seems to cause a kind of folder problem.

Since there is no adequate information for the error cause in the Console, we send the code generation files.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Thanks for reporting this issue. This is caused by Odin trying to compile editors for types with invalid names - a few examples from your project would be "~Assoziiere", "CreateObj@Vertex" and "Force (2)". These names result in invalid source code for the editors that Odin compiles, and thus compilation errors result.

    We've been quite surprised at the wide variety of invalid type names that people somehow manage to get into their assemblies, and clearly the type name checking we've been doing so far hasn't been good enough. So, prompted by your issue, I bit the bullet today and went through the official C# language specification, and wrote some logic that checks all compiled editor type names against the official C# specification requirements for valid type identifiers. Odin should now correctly refuse to compile editors for all types with invalid names.

    This fix will make it into the next patch. In the meantime, to resolve this issue, you can go into Odin's Editor Types preferences, and uncheck the checkboxes for the following types:

    • ~Assoziiere
    • ~endeAllesIstStill
    • ~RigidbodyFPSControllerRavael
    • ~SwitchSelf
    • CreateObj@Vertex
    • Force (2)
    • OnGlanceActivateDisableComponent dummy
    • OnStayMatchPos (2)
    • Rotate elliptischer abstand
    • TransformRotate (2)
    • TransformScale (2)

    As far as I can tell from the code generation files you attached, those are the types currently causing compilation errors. If you turn off Odin for those types, it should be able to compile editors correctly until the patch with the fix comes out that will rule them out automatically.

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