Custom Key/Value label text for Dictionaries

Issue #134 resolved
Johannes P. created an issue

With some dictionaries that use very generic types, such as Dictionary<string, string> it can be hard to convey to the user what the purpose of each is.

While of course we can always add Tooltips and Infoboxes, it would be convenient if DictionaryDrawerSettings could be expanded to allow us to specify an Alias for Key and Value.

For example, instead of this:


This would be much more user-friendly:


And the syntax could be something like this:

[DictionaryDrawerSettings(keyAlias = "Name", valueAlias = "Path")]
Dictionary<string, string> DemoPaths;

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    This has been added in the newest patch,, that has just been submitted to the Asset Store for approval.

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