[LabelText] not working for Gradients

Issue #164 resolved
João Cabral created an issue

Hi, I noticed a strange behaviour from OdinInspector when using Gradients. Not only does [LabelText] not work, but also when creating a List<Gradient>, the elements are named "element0", "element1", etc... which is not usual when using Odin.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Thanks for reporting this - I just reproduced it, and added a fix for it. It'll make it into the next patch, 1.0.5, which is going into feature freeze, integration and testing right now. Hopefully it should be out pretty soon. Look forward to it - it's by far the biggest Odin patch yet!

  2. João Cabral reporter

    Damn, you guys are still blazing fast solving these issues! Thank you so much. Odin is really awesome. Please never stop working on it, or I'll have to quit Unity. I just can't stand the default inspector now :)

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