Specifying multiple AssetList filters of the same type would be choice

Issue #18 resolved
Deniz Ozkaynak created an issue

It would be spectacular if I would specify multiple filters of the same type for AssetList, I want to include objects of different layers or tags within the same AssetList.


From an interface standpoint, could do something as simple as using a character delimiter inside the filter string, like any of these examples:

  • [AssetList(Tag = "One;Two;Three")]
  • [AssetList(Tag = "One?Two?Three")]
  • [AssetList(Tag = "One,Two,Three")]

While these characters could be in the actual Tag's name (or layer, prefix, etc.) they probably won't be.

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  1. Bjarke Elias

    Great suggestion!

    Multiple tags should definitely be supported and will be before release. The Tag property will be renamed to Tags to make it clear that you can specify multiple tags.

    Furthermore, we could include a CustomFilter property to support those cases where the built-in filters aren't enough.

    [AssetList(CustomFilter="IncludeAsset", Tags="One,Two,Three")]
    public List<MyComponent> MyPrefabs
    private bool IncludeAsset(MyComponent obj)
          return ...
  2. mSkull001

    We've implemented support for comma separated list of tags and layers, and also the option for using a custom filter method. These changes will be available with the next patch.

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