Odin Inspector breaks Unity About dialog and other Unity assets.

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  1. What happened?

When installed in a project, Odin breaks Unity's About window and at least one other Unity asset called Behaviour Machine.


  • Add Odin to project in Unity 2017.
  • Open Help->About.
  • Notice About window is blank.
  • Check console for endless stream of error messages.

  • Grab Behaviour Machine [Free] from Unity Asset Store.

  • Import into project.
  • Create State Machine (create empty GameObject, add StateMachine component).
  • Open Behaviour Machine window (Window->Behaviour Machine).
  • Highlight the GameObject created in the earlier step.
  • Right-click to add an ActionState to the StateMachine.
  • Highlight the ActionState and try to add an action to the ActionState by pressing the small '+' icon in the inspector. Notice error message. This only fails when Odin is in the project.

  • Try the same by adding a BehaviourTree state. Then try to right-click in the BehaviourTree to add another behaviour. The context menu will fail to appear. This only fails when Odin is in the project.

More info: https://forum.unity.com/threads/released-odin-inspector-serializer-the-ultimate-workflow-tool.476949/page-5#post-3221062


Unity 2017.1.1f1

Odin Inspector


Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard
    • changed status to open

    Technically, these are errors in their respective products, which do not take into account the fact that a dynamic assembly may be loaded in the current AppDomain. Odin declares dynamic assemblies, to provide emitted type formatters that drastically speed up its serialization.

    The Behaviour Machine issue we unfortunately can't do anything about - the author of Behaviour Machine will have to fix it on his end.

    The error in Unity, we had a while back, and tried to fix on our own by using Reflection to call into Unity's About window utilities before we define any dynamic assemblies, thus causing some data to be cached. This means it doesn't hit this error if the data is requested later. This has seemed to work for a while, and I'm unable to figure out, so far, why it's back.

    I have been trying to replicate the About Unity window breaking in various versions of 2017.1 and 2017.2 (on Windows 10), and so far I simply haven't been able make it happen no matter what I do. I'll continue investigating this, though. Out of curiosity, which target platform do you have set in the editor when this bug occurs?

  2. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Failures to replicate, a lack of reports of this issue in recent patches, as well as the fact that this is not a bug in Odin, but in the respective other products - that we cannot do anything about - means this issue can never be "resolved" by us.

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