Size of label not change in List Inline editor.

Issue #210 resolved
Vlad Lomakin created an issue
  1. Size of label not change in List Inline editor.
  2. Create asset of type Test:
using UnityEngine;

[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = "Test", menuName = "Test")]
public class Test : ScriptableObject
    private GameObject someVeryVeryLongFieldName;

Create asset of type TestList:

using UnityEngine;
using Sirenix.OdinInspector;
using System.Collections.Generic;

[CreateAssetMenu(fileName = "TestList", menuName = "TestList")]
public class TestList : ScriptableObject
    private List<Test> list;

Add Test asset in list of TestList. Change size of Inspector. See what size of labels not change. 3. Pasted image at 2017_10_30 06_35 PM.png Pasted image at 2017_10_30 06_36 PM.png 4. Unity 2017.1.2f1 5. Odin 6. Windows 10

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  1. Bjarke Elias

    Thank a lot for both scripts, images, and steps to reproduce. It's fixed and will be included in the next hotfix.

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