Odin clear List<List<int>> when start game

Issue #214 resolved
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Hi, i create simple script which have one field:

List<List<int>> _nestedList = new List<List<int>>();

Then, i attach this script to empty object and create in inspector 1 main list and one nested list with int. Then i start game and when game started this lists is cleared by odin.

Unity version is 2017.1.0p5

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  1. Bjarke Elias

    Thanks for reporting, nice catch!

    This happens because Odin incorrectly guesses that Unity is able to serialize it, which it apparently isn't. This is fixed in the next patch.

    So if you are inheriting from MonoBehaviour, the expected behavior would be that the list wouldn't be shown in the inspector at all, because nothing would serialize it.

    So to fix it, you need to inherit from SerializeMonoBehaviour, in order to enable Odin serialization. And then you need to apply the NonSerialized attribute which tells Odin that Unity won't be serializing it, and then apply the OdinSerialize attribute in order to tell Odin to serialize it.

    public class SomeMonoBehaviour : SerializedMonoBehaviour
        [NonSerialized, OdinSerialize]
        public List<List<int>> _nestedList = new List<List<int>>();

    In the next patch, you can then remove both attributes.

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