Odin attributes not working in EditorGUILayout.PropertyField while others do

Issue #261 resolved
Steven Smith created an issue

I'd like to use Odin attributes in combination with custom editors.

If I do something like the following in OnInspectorGUI, I notice that attributes like ToolTip work but the Odin attributes like AssetList or AssetsOnly do not.

SerializedProperty fieldProperty = serializedObject.FindProperty( "m_fieldName" );
EditorGUILayout.PropertyField( fieldProperty, true );
if( EditorGUI.EndChangeCheck() )
    Undo.RecordObject( thing, "Did thing" );
    EditorUtility.SetDirty( thing );

The property is declared

[Sirenix.OdinInspector.AssetList(Path = "/Path/To/Stuff/")]
private Camera m_fieldName;

Unity: 2017.2 Windows 10 Odin: (P.S. step 5 above should also mention that newer versions of the About are in "Tools > Odin Inspector > About" not "Window > Odin Inspector > About")

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Odin uses a different drawing system than Unity's vanilla one - this is so we can draw data that is not serialized by Unity, which cannot be represented as a SerializedProperty.

    It is however possible to write custom editor code using Odin - please refer to this FAQ answer for more details.

  2. Steven Smith reporter

    Much appreciated. I really did try to find an answer before posting but this one just slipped by me.


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