Odin breaks custom editors used by Text Mesh Pro, rendering that package unusable.

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Dan Peavey created an issue

Unity 2017.2.0f3, TextMesh Pro - Release (source version).

So far I have attempted to switch to Editor Only mode, and I removed it from the EditorTypes list in preferences. Am I missing something?

Cheers, d

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard
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    I just opened Unity 2017.2.0f3, downloaded Text Mesh Pro from the asset store, and had a look. It all seems to work great.

    Now, granted, this isn't the source code version, but there shouldn't be any difference between the two. Can you post a screenshot of what your Editor Types window looks like when opened to the same part as I have in my screenshot, there?

    Edit: Additionally, regardless of whether Odin breaks the editor or not, Odin should stop drawing whatever you disable in the Editor Types list. Is this not the case?

  2. Dan Peavey reporter

    Your observation is correct: the assembly from the asset store does work with Odin.

    And your assumption is what I thought as well - I thought disabled types in the editor type list should draw their inspectors normally. However, what happens is not that it is not being drawn because of Odin, but there are errors occuring as a result of this. There are around 999+ errors, so I can post the editor log here after I get a fresh reproduction going.

    Additionally, I'm going to try gutting out TextMeshPro entirely and dropping it back in. I'm working in a fresh project so there's nothing to lose.

  3. Dan Peavey reporter

    Unfortunately I'm strapped for time today - I'll come back with a comprehensive review tomorrow. As far as what else I found, I discovered that the source code version of TMPro for 2017.3.0f3 is also affected by this. The asset store assembly still functions.

    I may start up a ticket with Stephan over at TMPro and see if he can reproduce this. I suspect there just may be an issue with how he's handling the latest serialization changes.

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