Reorder/drag'n'drop being discarded on MacOS after mouse up

Issue #266 new
Михаил Корчун created an issue

Drag-n-drop or reorder operations on list/array elements are not persisted. On MouseUp operation is discarded.

PS: unfortunately It's difficult to test it further because I don't have Mac, I've just saw it on Skype session with recently joined remote team member.

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  1. Rick Nijsse

    When I drag and drop an list item (build with the ListDrawerSettings) the list item will return to the original order after I release the list item. Even when I try this on the List example provided by the asset I get the same results. I'm using: - Unity 2017.3.0f3 - Mac OSX 10.13.2 - Odin version Version (Nov 03, 2017)

    See screen recordings:

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