Changing Values inside a OnValueChanged Callback with Structs

Issue #274 resolved
Steamroller Studios created an issue

Below is a boiled down example of the problem i'm currently running into

public struct Foo
    public int value;

    public int mod;

    public void ValueChanged()
        mod = value % 5;

        Debug.Log( "Mod: " + mod );

The ValueChanged method is getting called, the Debug output looks like its correct, but any changes are not stored. If i had to guess, since this is a struct, its getting passed by value somewhere and we are working with a copy inside the ValueChanged method. Is it possible to be working with the original struct so that changes are not lost?

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    I've just resolved this issue. The fix isn't in the build I just sent you, but after taking a look at it, it was very easy to fix, so the fix will be in the final release.

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