Inline Editor for transform breaks layout of window

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Sean Templeton created an issue

Example of broken behavior:

Using Odin on unity 2017.3.0f3 64bit on windows 10 64bit

It's entirely possibly I'm doing something bad here, but with this code, the above screenshot happens:

public class RpgSettingsEditor : OdinEditorWindow
    protected override void OnEnable()

        GameObject defaultRenderTransformGameObject = new GameObject(); = "Default Render Transform";

        ItemTextureDefaultRenderTransform = defaultRenderTransformGameObject.transform;

    [InfoBox("This path determines where item icon renders will be written to")]
    [FolderPath(RequireValidPath = true)]
    public string ItemTextureRenderPath;

    public PostProcessingProfile ItemTexturePostProcessingProfile;

    public Color ItemTextureBackgroundColor;

    public Transform ItemTextureDefaultRenderTransform;

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