Drag list element from one component to another get unexpected result.

Issue #295 resolved
PuzzledBoy created an issue

Hi, Here is the steps:

  • Create a script named 'ArrayTest' :
public class ArrayTest : MonoBehaviour
    public List<int> array;
  • Create an empty gameobject on scene,attach two script to it,assign the field like this:


  • Drag an element from the first script to the second like this:


  • Then you'll see the first array still has 3 elements ,which is unexpected:


But If I drag the element from the second list to the first list,work fine.

And I have try create two scripts 'ArrayTest' and 'ArrayTest2' ,same result.

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  1. PuzzledBoy reporter

    Hi, Do you mean it's fixed at the development version(will be release as ) ? because I try it with the latest asset store version and it's not fixed yet.

  2. Bjarke Elias

    I should have mentioned that sorry. Just fixed it, and it'll be there in the patch. I can send you a hotfix if you want.

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