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I reported a bug on the discord channel yesterday, I thought it would be useful to paste it here:

Hey guys! My editor seems to crash time to time when trying to apply a prefab with SerializedMonoBehaviors: I think it happens when I change the type of a variable from one that wasn't serialized by Odin, to one that is. I'm not 100% sure about this, and the worse is that the crash does not happen all the time: if I find a more clear repro step I'll let you know. It probably happens more on very heavy objects.

an example would be from public class A : SerializedMonoBehaviour

to public class A:SerializedMonoBehaviour

In that very case, I would have serialized the prefab before the change, compile the change, Create a new prefab instance on the scene, link myFloat to an IFloat, and then try to Apply the prefab again: the editor seems to sometimes crash at that point, when the object gets heavy (or the Monobehaviour itself? I'm not so sure)

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  1. Bjarke Elias

    I've fairly sure that this one is solved in latest version which is now available on the Asset Store. Give it a try and let me know weather you experience this again.

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