Add option to run scene validator on editor play

Issue #318 open
Denny Kunker created an issue

When I originally asked my company to purchase an Odin Inspector license, I assumed this was already a feature, since otherwise the validator doesn't seem as useful to me--it kind of breaks workflow to have to manually click Tools->Odin Inspector->Scene Validator. My pain point is trying to load scene changes from VCS, only to discover that arbitrary properties are unbound in the editor; it seems to be an issue with Unity, but I was hoping Odin Inspector would help me by preventing the scene from playing, and instead presenting me with a list of properties which failed validation. Imagine the time saved, especially for newer developers, being informed what has failed and how to fix it instead of the Unity editor throwing obscure exceptions. Is this a possibility? If so, I believe such a feature would alone make Odin Inspector worth purchasing.

Side note: the UnassignedReferenceException is nice, but in this scenario quickly gets buried by other exceptions, especially when collapse mode is not enabled in the Unity console.

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  1. Bjarke Elias
    • changed status to open

    Good suggestion!! Options in general for automated testing would be a great addition! We'll keep that in mind for sure when we revisit the validation tools.

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