OdinMenuItem | Option to disable/handle PingObject

Issue #320 resolved
Romain Pechot created an issue

Current State:

If you click on any OdinMenuItem already selected and the ObjectInstance is of type UnityEngine.Object it will be ping inside the Project view using EditorGUIUtility.PingObject(unityObject);.

New State:

Option to disable PingObject (maybe stored inside OdinMenuTree.Config ?) OR Ability to handle this event (maybe OnClickSelected ?).

Comments (4)

  1. Bjarke Elias

    Great suggestion, In 1.1 We've actually disabled automatic pinging of object completely by default, and it's something you have to add yourself using the OnGUI delegate if you want that behaviour.

    Let me know if you think that is a bit too aggressive a change. I took it out because it's actually rare that we actually want that behavior ourselves.

  2. Romain Pechot reporter

    In my case I'm inside a specific case (EditorWindow) and I don't want the user to directly manipulate the data, so I'm ok with this change 😄

    Is there a beta access for 1.1 ? If not I guess we should wait ☕

  3. Romain Pechot reporter

    I just realized that I won't be able to change version (due to project stability reasons) 😦

    I will still send you my invoice ID, just in case.

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