Unable to open Demos.

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Installed Odin on 2018.2.0b2 (64) Windows 10 Getting started does not open any example scenes (projects). Received the following warning: "Unable to open Assets/Plugins/Sirenix/Demos/Sample - RPG Editor.unitypackage: Check external application preferences." First, unclear what external application preferences to check. Second, I don't see anything that sticks out in Odin Preferences or Unity Preferences.

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  1. Igor

    It seems that me current Unity installation cannot open .unitypackage by double clicking as it use to. I was able to open example packages using Unity Editor menu Assets/Import Package/Custom Package... I still would recommend a more descriptive warning message, if possible.

  2. Bjarke Elias
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    Thanks, my guess if you have something in you setup that overrides the default way opening unitypackages.

    We'll just make sure it opens the package using the package importer, instead of the default.

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