LayerMasks - Disable Odin attribute would be nice

Issue #33 resolved
Deniz Ozkaynak created an issue

It seems that Odin does not yet support drawing LayerMasks (see attached).

A simple workaround is to disable Odin editor generation for the entire class (PlayerController in this case) from the Preferences window.

But I lose all the Odin goodies for that class, not just the one I don't want. Some kind of Attribute that disables Odin only for that classes property would be cool, especially useful during beta while certain things aren't supported yet.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    LayerMask and Gradient support has already been added for the next patch, but being able to selectively disable Odin drawing is also a good idea. We've added a [DrawWithUnity] attribute, than you can now apply to a member to force Odin to draw that attribute using Unity's old system.

  2. Deniz Ozkaynak reporter

    Awesome, thanks for the lightning fast resolution. Has the [DrawWithUnity] attribute been added for the next patch ( or is it available immediately? If immediately, how would I go about getting that update?

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