OdinMenuStyleExample: OdinMenuStyle's Copy C# Snippet button copy values with wrong delimiters

Issue #337 resolved
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In the OdinMenuStyleExample : OdinMenuEditorWindow script, the Menu Style allows to customize the values of the style, and provides a Copy C# Snippet to generate the style for our own script.

The values pasted contain the US decimal separator ",", which is incompatible with the expected "." for float values; probably because I'm using a en-US locale on my laptop.

Repro: - install the en-US locale for your keyboard. - launch Unity while having the en-US active - go in the OdinMenuStyleExample - hit the Copy C# Snippet button - the values should be separated with en-US number separator.

Odin / Unity 2018.1 / Windows 10

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard
    • changed status to open

    Noted - we'll get around to fixing this some time, but it won't be very high on our priority list.

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