Abstract List with Structs looses formatting + edits incorrectly

Issue #350 open
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I have a list of abstract objects serialized in odin. When one of the implemented types includes a custom struct, the alignment goes crazy and the values are duplicated on adjacent controls. (The struct is 2 simple floats)



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  1. mSkull001

    I've been unable to replicate this with neither the current internal build of Odin nor the latest beta release.

    A couple of questions that might help me figure out the issue: Which version of Odin beta are you using? You could try updating the beta 8 release and see if that solves your issue. Which version of Unity are you using? Are you using some tween library or is it custom? This there a custom drawer for the RangeFloat struct? And if so, how is it implemented?

    Hopefully, we can figure out what is going on here soon.

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