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I made a simple localisation system, where each locale entry is a class containing fields for the key and the language entries. I organize those objects in a list, which is displayed via [TableList], which works well in general, except one flaw I would consider at least as a bug: If I change focus with the tab key, the table traverses one column after another, not the current row. This is unintuitive and doesn't fit to the convention of other table editing applications. At least I would wish for a flag to switch this behaviour, but the row traversal should be the default.

Btw.: It would be great to have some kind of dictionary based table view, yet, you have an object reference selector heading each entry, which is annoying.

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  1. Bjarke Elias

    Thanks for your suggestions, and happy to report that this is actually - as a result of performance improvements - exactly how the new table list works in Odin Inspector 2.0 beta.

    I'll also feature a lot of new features so stay tuned ;)

    Thanks for the dictionary TableList suggestion as well, we'll consider it. I've been wanting something like that as well.

  2. Andreas Podgurski

    Ehm - no? Currently using this in a prototype setup with 2018.3.0b1 and Odin and still - hitting tab iterates through a column from top to bottom and traverses to the top of the next one afterwards, What I ment is to tab from one column to the next within the same row/object. Just like you do in Excel or virtually any other control, which provides editing data in a table.

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