Add separator (optional) between list elements.

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Romain Pechot created an issue

When you have really complex/long data inside a list its kind of hard to differentiate between the end of one and the start of the next element.

2018-07-31 12_51_19-Window.png

A one pixel separator line would help "snap" the user's eye when looking on the left side of the list (when searching the end/start separation).

2018-07-31 12_51_19-Window - Copy.png

Of course that means it would need to implement some kind of selector as to NOT clutter one-line/member element lists (like the List<Texture> and List<Power> in my case).

Maybe add this separator options inside the ListDrawerSettingsAttribute ?

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  1. Antonio Rafael Antunes Miranda

    Odin slightly increased the contrast of the list element backgrounds which should help with this. It also introduced color options in Odin’s preferences window which you can use to increase it even more. You can access it by navigating to Tools > Odin Inspector > Preferences > General > Collections.

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