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Richard Baxter created an issue

For the ValueDropdownList, current we have many items that are names similarly at the end but are grouped and tree-ified with the '/' split, e.g.

Suburb_Construction/Trigger/Butterfly Stare Zone/EnterStart Suburb_Construction/Trigger/Focus On Butterfly Trigger/EnterStart Suburb_Construction/Trigger/Noticing the Butterfly Zone Trigger/EnterStart

or Odin Search bar event start example.png

but when searching "EnterStart" using the value dropdown list you just get a list of "EnterStart" with no reference to the whole display string. e.g. OdinCurrently.png

It would be nice to have an option to display the full names when searching. My workaround is to add the full path to the end of the display name OdinListWorkaround.png

Similarly, when searching it would be nice if the search string compared to the whole display name when searching, not just the last part

Odin Search bar no search.png

And when I search the group it is in:

Odin Search bar group search.png

It does not use the full name for the search, just the final value. Would be great to have an option where you can at least get a flattened view of all search items within that group (like my workaround above). If it were to tree-ifiy the search results that would be a huge bonus in my case!

Many Thanks!

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  1. Bjarke Elias
    • changed status to open

    Awesome feedback. Thanks!

    I think could easily let the search function search on the full path by default. That makes good sense.

    Regarding providing full control, we could also make an option where users can reference a method that returns an OdinMenuTree, that way you can fully customise it and build the tree to be exactly like you want.

    OdinMenuItems also contains a separate SearchString so you could potentially also give it a custom string which the search function will then search on.

  2. Richard Baxter reporter

    A custom search string would be useful in so many cases, indeed!

    I wonder if the custom tree thing would be overkill but that's for you to decide. [edit: on immediate reflection, rather gimmi full control hihi :> ]

    Thanks for following up on this issue ^ _ ^

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