Downloaded Asset Store unitypackage still at

Issue #394 resolved
Richard Baxter created an issue

Don't know if this is the place to put it, but no matter how I cut it, what computer I use, what version of Unity I use, when I download the latest on the asset store it's still

I can't confirm with other devs if this is the case, but I'm quite certain it's nothing on my side. I've deleted the cached .unitypackage in the AppData folder (I'm on Windows)

Was there perhaps an upload mistake?

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  1. Bjarke Elias
    • changed status to open

    You're not the only one with this issue!

    It seems that the Asset Store is struggling right now, it's also reported for other products as well. You and everyone else reading this is more than welcome to send us an email with the Invoice number for Odin included, and we'll send the latest 2.0.1 patch asap.

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